What’s wrong?

We are caught in a cycle. A cycle of fashion that is demanding, not only financially but also environmentally. The prevalent fashion trends today of fast-moving products and styles that change with each season are harmful to manufacture at the pace at which they are in demand. The traditional cycles of ebbs and flows of fashion have been replaced by the hyperfast rotation of trends. 

There is also an alarming statistic that we came across — there have been more than 300,000 farmer suicides in the last two decades, the highest ever recorded. Farmers are pressurized to conform to such methods of farming which cause an increased amount of strain on the available resources.

They use chemical pesticides and fertilisers which rob the soil of nutrients and cause a chemical imbalance. These chemicals eventually make their way into your body through food and clothes. By using organic cotton, we try to make sure that the clothes that you use are clean and free from such harmful chemicals.

This is compounded by the lack of awareness about the organic, free range and ethically manufactured products. Now is the time to realize the utmost importance of adopting fashion that is sustainable in the long term, that is ethical not only in the manufacture of products but in the way that it affects everyone around it. An alternate product should not only be economically feasible but should also integrate into your lifestyle and choices.