Why is it so?


The rapid pace of change in fashion is caused by an excess choice for consumers. The rate at which clothes are bought and discarded has skyrocketed in the last few years. The ease of access brought by the ecommerce revolution has sparked the upsurge in fashion spends. This mountain of choice at the command of a few clicks has a huge drawback for customers and companies alike — massive amounts of waste in production, pollution which is growing exponentially and an overall decline in quality. 


For the Indian farmers, growing cotton is a daunting task. Due to the nature of the crop, the soil is left depleted and starved of vital nutrients, which is detrimental to the growth of other crops. Farmers get caught in a vicious cycle of debt, from which they often feel that suicide is the only escape. We hope to solve this problem by initially ensuring that farmers that we partner with are fairly remunerated in a manner that will help them not approach informal sources of credit, which is the largest causal factor of being caught in a debt trap.